HPE Greenlake: Self evaluate your cloud migration to maximise your investment


What does the cloud mean for your organisation?

Being “in the cloud” means different things to different people, which can make understanding the best-fit implementation for your organisation a challenge.

In this report from HPE, learn how to self-evaluate your cloud migration journey to maximise IT investment for your organisation.

Some findings include:

  • 70% of organisations continue to keep their data in traditional on-premise solutions, largely due to the challenge presented by data egress, a desire to maximise data security and integrity and the presence of essential cloud-incompatible legacy business applications
  • Overprovisioning of resources is the prevailing trend, with over two-thirds of organisations only using 60% or less of their infrastructure which results in higher, preventable IT costs
  • Maintenance of existing traditional infrastructure remains a significant IT spend for most organisations, with over half reporting that 60% of their IT budget goes towards maintenance of existing infrastructure and assets. This contributes to substantial opportunity cost for businesses, as this spend could instead be used for other, innovation-driven projects.


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