Pictured: Padraig McDermott, Italicatessen and Richard Murphy, Datapac

Datapac meets Italicatessen’s ICT needs with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Italicatessen selects, imports and distributes the finest quality Italian food and wine to restaurants, stores and other wholesalers across Ireland. Founded in 2002, the Italian cuisine specialist employs 36 people at its centre in Wicklow.

Italicatessen’s mission is to import Italian made products with exceptional price to quality ratios, which sell very well in Italy. In addition to focusing on products of high quality and value, the provider also boasts an outstanding service level; with no minimum order and quick delivery time.

The Need

Italicatessen has been in a growth phase for the last number of years and is looking to expand further. The business management application coupled with the ICT infrastructure it had in place to manage everything from tracking produce to ordering quantities were no longer suitable for its size and growth ambitions and the company needed a modern solution that could scale with it.

“We were using an access-based system that had reached the limit of what it could do. The more we grew, the more the system didn’t suit our future growth plans and our day-to-day processes. We needed everything to work together under the same umbrella, and this was our core focus as we went to market to find a provider,” said Padraig McDermott, financial controller, Italicatessen.


After considering a number of different providers and solutions, Italicatessen chose Datapac, Ireland’s largest indigenous ICT solutions services provider. Datapac took the time to understand Italicatessen’s bespoke needs and devised a scalable and adaptable ERP solution – Microsoft Dynamics NAV – which could control and manage all of Italicatessen’s business processes. The new ERP system was deployed on the latest Windows Server technology on a modern network infrastructure.

“What initially impressed us about Datapac was their commitment to understanding our business fully. Our success and growth largely stems from our great focus on quality and positive relationships with customers – Datapac understood this and made sure every step of the way that our ability to maintain it wouldn’t be disturbed,” continued Padraig.

“Datapac made it very clear that Microsoft Dynamics NAV was the ideal fit for our business. We were reassured by Datapac’s capacity to configure and even customise the solution as we needed and provide ongoing support.”

In April of last year, Datapac began implementing the system. In a very short space of time, the company moved Italicatessen’s processes over to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This included all business operations from purchase and sales orders, financial systems, produce tracking and stock taking.

This means all systems are now incorporated and can be accessed as one, which has led to better visibility, control and time-saving to allow Italicatessen’s team to focus on the job at hand and continue to provide high quality produce and customer service.


Datapac and Microsoft Dynamics NAV have brought a number of benefits both to Italicatessen and its wholesale customers.

Time Saving and Simplicity

One of the main inhibitors of Italicatessen’s old systems was the time it took to perform some tasks. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has improved the speed of all operations from processing transactions to stock keeping, freeing up time to focus on the provider’s core business.

Christian Reolon, general manager, Italicatessen, said: “The system gives us access to an increased level of information and statistics relating to our drivers, sales team and warehouse staff. Sales and purchases can be allocated to specific divisions, team members, van registrations and so on. This has made it easy to identify the different income and expenses associated with each area of the business.”

The simplicity of the solution and the familiar Microsoft Office look and feel means anyone on the team who needs to use it can become au fait with it quite easily.

As Italicatessen is in a continuous growth phase, the ability to scale is incredibly important. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is built on a scalable platform and suitable for anywhere between four and more than 1,000 users. The solution grows with Italicatessen.

“It’s very reassuring knowing that as we grow, Microsoft Dynamics NAV grows with us and we don’t have to worry about major upgrades as we add to the team. Growth means more customers, more customer orders, increases in stock etc. The ERP solution manages all of these elements with ease so we have no restrictions,” continued Christian.

Benefits for Customers

Benefits aren’t only being experienced by Italicatessen staff – since Datapac deployed the solution, wholesale customers have given positive feedback.

“The solution also includes a number of benefits for customers. It allows them to easily compare their receipts and invoices to see what balance is owed for various supplies. This allows them to keep track and plan for future deliveries with ease.”


“The Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution has created a number of benefits for staff and customers of Italicatessen. As we continue to grow, Datapac is ensuring we have a scalable solution into the future,” said Padraig and adds “Microsoft Dynamics NAV manages all of our business processing and management needs – everything from purchase and sales orders, customer receipts, financial details. It takes full control of everything, which in turn gives us full control over what we do best.”

“The ease of use and brilliance of the solution is matched by Datapac’s expertise and support. The company is always there to help with any questions or issues as they arise and we can always be guaranteed a quick response and solution. I’d happily recommend Datapac and Microsoft Dynamics NAV to any organisation.”

Richard Murphy, head of business solutions division, Datapac, said: “As a growing business, Italicatessen were in need of a modern ERP solution that could give them control by managing all of their systems. We knew Microsoft Dynamics NAV was the right solution for them and have been providing support and expertise along the way. We’re absolutely delighted Italicatessen’s experience has been so good and we look forward to continuing to make a positive contribution to their business.”

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