KeepItSafeDatapac is a Keepitsafe authourised partner

Data backup is a vital element of IT operations, ensuring regulatory compliance and access to mission-critical business information in the event of data leakage or loss.

Datapac partners with KeepItSafe to provide clients with backup as a service where you can  – securely backup and restore your business data online and on demand, without risk of corruption or non-availability.

KeepItSafe is the ultimate online back-up solution for your most sensitive and mission-critical business data in the event of human error, hardware outage or serious business disruption.  The solution gives you peace of mind that no matter what unforeseen event occurs, your business data can be recovered and restored seamlessly, protecting your reputation, your brand and your future revenues.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates backup issues and reduces administration overheads
  • No capital outlay required
  • Automates the process of storing data offsite, using the highest levels of encryption and security
  • An industry certified ISO27001 service
  • Restore files from anywhere via a secure web portal

Key Features

  • Industry certified – based on the ISO27001 certification, KeepItSafe  allows businesses to back up and instantly restore all data and stored files.  It continuously backs up data via the internet and stores information securely to multiple offsite Irish datacenters, with 24/7 management and monitoring.
  • A double layer of protection – KeepItSafe  not only backs up to a Tier 4 datacenter but also to a backup storage vault, offering a double layer of protection.  And all backups are proactively managed and monitored, allowing the immediate identification of issues which may affect the integrity of the backup and/or your ability to restore data from it.
  • A simple, secure model – at Datapac, our consulting team will design and size an appropriate backup solution for your business.  Your data is automatically compressed, encrypted and securely transferred to KeepItSafe ’s primary and Irish based datacenter.  Only incremental backups are taken, ensuring a short backup window and swift completion of the backup task.  Your data is then seamlessly mirrored to KeepItSafe ’s secondary and Irish based datacenter.  Online synchronisation continues according to a schedule defined by you.
  • A proactive, feature-rich service – key to KeepItSafe and the feature most-valued by our clients is the proactive approach our engineers at Datapac take to safeguard the integrity of your backup.
  • Proactive monitoring and notification – if problems arise during the backup – either backup errors or file deletions – our engineers will work to immediately address these issues and solve them quickly.  We provide up to a 24/7/365 support service, for backup related issues and restores.
  • Data retention – deleted or older versions of files can be stored by us in a practice known as retention.  You set the detention period and we will have data available, on tap should you require information from your backup archive.
  • 25% growth allowance – Datapac recognises that in today’s data-driven world, data volumes are growing exponentially.  As part of KeepItSafe , we provide you with a 25% growth allowance per year, allowing your data backup to scale without exceeding quotas or rigid allowances, and offering you the maximum in service flexibility.

As a KeepItSafe partner, Datapac has the IT expertise and knowledge to ensure your mission-critical information can be recovered and restored at the click of a mouse. 

For further information around KeepItSafe’s online backup solution or for an IT review please call us on 01 426 3500.


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