Backup and data protection for the SMB


Backup and Data Protection for the SMB

The world is growing ever more digitised. As it does, businesses of all size, including SMBS, are creating more data than ever before. To be prepared for the eventuality of a disaster or other incident that results in the loss or theft of business-critical data, all organisations need to have a strong Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan in place. Paramount to any BCDR plan is having a trusted and reliable third-party solution in place to backup data and allow for seamless data recovery.Free e-book Backup and Data Protection for the SMB

Datapac partners with Datto, a globally renowned provider of backup and BCDR solutions, to protect the data of Irish organisations. This free E-book acts as a reference guide to highlight the important criteria that you should consider when choosing a backup solution for your organisation.

Download – Backup and Data Protection for the SMB

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