Many organisations are moving away from traditional backup to tape to backup to disk, cloud or both.

Using best-in-class backup products opens up a new way of utilising your backups.  With these solutions you can power on your backed up physical or virtual servers in case of a disaster so that you are up and running again within minutes.

Datapac provides a range of backup solutions that offer enterprise technology at more affordable prices. Together with our partners we tailor our solutions to meet your individual requirements.

In addition we can provide best-in class deduplication appliances to allow you to store as much data as you require onsite as well as replicating it offsite.  Tape can still have a part to play for archival purposes and Datapac can provide solutions around this.

Solutions Include:


Datapac can assist you with your backup setup. We will work out your Recovery Point and Recovery Time objectives. These are at the heart of any disaster recovery plan.
UTM appliances allow you to unify the most current security requirements into one central appliance with a single console making the management of security easier for IT.