Organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a dedicated IT security team who can manage point solutions effectively, and who have intimate knowledge of the functionality on each appliance in order to deliver the best possible protection. In addition, threats are now blended to attack the enterprise at all points of entry and aim to seek out weaknesses in policies between separate point solutions.

There is a steady emergence of and demand for Unified Threat Management (UTM) gateway appliances.  UTM provide a comprehensive set of security features in a single product, managed through a single console.   UTM’s such as the Sophos NSG solutions allow an enterprise to set policies once which propagate across in a universal manner to ensure security throughout the gateway. Such integrated security solutions have evolved as a logical way to tackle the increasingly complex blended internet threats impacting organisations.

Effective UTM solutions deliver simplicity, streamlined installation and use, and the ability to update all the security functions concurrently. Not only are they a cost-effective purchase, but day-to-day network running costs are also considerably lower than other solutions. UTM solutions can save IT departments in excess of 60% over their old technologies and this doesn’t even take into account the time and resource savings that will be made by deploying these solutions.

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