Continuity, Backup & Security

Datapac has been providing business continuity, backup and IT security solutions for over 30 years. During this time we have seen a shift in how businesses backup and secure their data; moving from on-site tape and disk-based backup solutions to cloud based solutions.

With the exponential growth in data and the number of devices that data is being created and stored on, each organisation needs to consider backing up to a safe environment. Irish businesses have become more proactive in ensuring their business data is backed-up consistently and securely, however they also need to consider Recovery Time Objectives to retrieve their core business data should a disaster strike.

As each business differs, with our expertise and experience, we will help you devise a business continuity and backup plan to suit your needs. As we partner with industry leading technology vendors to deliver best of breed solutions, we can provide the most resilient solution for your business. We will provide a consultative service where we will design a comprehensive and efficient business continuity and backup plan for you.

Over the last number of years there has been a significant change in the threat landscape impacting organisations. Security risks to businesses are becoming both more sophisticated in attack type along with targeting a wider attack surface. Our solutions aim to remove the complexity associated with this changed threat landscape and aims to provide integrated solutions that work better together in targeting multiple threats.  We will work with you to develop and design the best IT security solution to fit your business. We will discuss your current security set-up and will offer advice and suggestions on potential improvements that you can make.

Partnering with Datapac “makes life easier”.

Solutions Include:


Datapac can assist you with your backup setup. We will work out your Recovery Point and Recovery Time objectives. These are at the heart of any disaster recovery plan.
UTM appliances allow you to unify the most current security requirements into one central appliance with a single console making the management of security easier for IT.