Today, more and more businesses are moving to the “cloud”. Cloud services change how you communicate with your customers and how your employees interact. In addition many organisations are utilising these solutions as there are significant cost savings to be made; up to 60% on administration costs.

Datapac provides a range of cloud offerings including public, private and hybrid models which are fully customisable to suit your business needs. Datapac has provided cloud solutions to its customers for many years and understands that each organisation is at a different stage in its journey to the cloud. Drawing on this experience the Datapac portfolio of solutions is designed to provide a flexible range of solutions to meet your needs, wherever you are in your cloud implementation process.

Each cloud model brings its own advantages:

Private cloud – Create a private cloud and virtualise your IT infrastructure and be able to manage applications easier and quicker than ever before.

Public cloud – Similarly, with a public cloud model, you can use outsourced vendors to deliver applications, security, and other services without large scale capital investment.

Hybrid cloud – The hybrid approach provides a mix of the public and the private models. The more latency sensitive applications within your organisation can remain local while services and applications that suit the public cloud can be migrated, reducing the local application footprint.

Datapac works with global market leaders in technology research and development allowing its customers to take advantage of latest developments such as software defined data centres. These can bring even greater flexibility and automation, allowing organisations to be more agile in responding to business needs and demands.

Datapac’s experienced and highly accredited architects will consult with your business to identify the best options to meet your business objectives. In addition to identifying the best solution to meet business needs in terms of service levels, recurring costs and existing infrastructure, organisations moving to the cloud also need to think about deployment and set up costs. Other key considerations are bandwidth, redundancy, location of – and access to – data within the data centre (multi-tenanted or dedicated) and the geographical location of the data centre.

Our architects are experienced in running structured workshops with both IT departments and key stakeholders to identify the best fit solutions to organisational needs for ultimate peace of mind. Datapac not only designs and deploys solutions, we are also fully accredited to support solutions too.

Partnering with Datapac “makes life easier”.

Solutions Include:


Firstly, you should evaluate if cloud services are right for your business from a strategic and operational perspective. Then, you will need to evaluate your current set-up.