Document Solutions & Bespoke Scanning Services

Managing and storing information can be costly and time-consuming for a business. The sheer volume of paper and electronic information accumulated by most organisations can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to manage. This can impair on productivity within the business, particularly if the information needs to be dealt with accurately and efficiently.

Datapac’s Document solutions and bespoke scanning services will help you manage your paper based documents through document capture software, integrated in your Managed Print service. You will be able to find and retrieve paper-based and electronic documents faster than ever before and convert into digital files to streamline workflow—reducing costs, increasing productivity, and enhancing security.

Using industry-best software, we will design, scale and deploy this solution to suit your needs. During this consultation process we will analyse your workflow and document life-cycle, identify the most efficient solution for your business and show you how to use your MFP fleet as the on-ramp to your document management solution.

On completion you will have immediate access to documents for ease of distribution and tracking. You will be able to convert paper documents easily into a variety of digital formats quickly and effectively to route the information where it is needed. Our solution supports record retention and privacy requirements. On top of that, it can help increase document security and encourage paper conservation.

As a HP Platinum partner we have a nationwide team of certified solution architects and engineers who provide comprehensive document solutions and bespoke scanning support services. If you would like further information please call us on 01 415 6000.


With Datapac’s Mobile Print solution your mobile workforce can print from their smartphones. They can convert mobile content into hard copy with the click of a button. As a HP Platinum level partner Datapac can provide you with a solution that will enable you to print from the cloud.
If you are concerned about the printing of sensitive documents within your organisation you should consider our Secure Print solutions.
Using Datapac's Managed Print service you can use a balanced deployment option which can include MFP's, printers and scanners.


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