Mobile Print Solutions

Datapac provides mobile printing solutionsThe merger of mobile devices and cloud services has become one of the most significant enablers of business productivity and innovation in years. We now hold the power of communicating and computing in the palms of our hands. However, even the most technically enabled business travellers finds themselves hunting down print services while on the road simply to print a document. But finally, a truly mobile print experience is available.

With Datapac’s Mobile Print solution organisations can drive business productivity further. We partner with Hewlett Packard (HP) to provide a wireless printing solution which is based on ePrint.

ePrint is a mobile print solution that allows anyone with an Internet-enabled device to tap into the power of cloud services for printing on the go. These include print documents, presentations, reports, and more.

The ePrint mobile printing solution options include:

  • ePrint Enterprise for large organisations – the ePrint Enterprise mobile printing solution helps employees stay productive by giving them the power to print directly from their mobile device. ePrint Enterprise is a scalable, centrally managed solution that makes it easy to send documents to printers in your enterprise network, as well as to ePrint Mobile Print Locations. The ePrint Enterprise mobile printing solution is available as part of a Managed Print Services agreement.
  • ePrint Mobile Print Locations for on-the-go professionals – for any professional who travels or works remotely, an application is available for free on a variety of smartphones. With this app, smartphone users can quickly search for and print to HP ePrint Mobile Print Locations, such as print-and-copy retail stores, hotels, airport lounges, and more. This application is to find a location, with printing by way of emailing.
  • ePrint web-connected printers for small businesses, home offices, and individuals – if you can email it, now you can print it on the go. Select HP printers and all-in-ones are web-connected and support ePrint, so you can send documents to them directly via email. This new technology is cloud-based and works with select web-connected HP printers.

Wireless printing is one of our fastest growth areas, in particular amongst organisations who have externally based employees who attend their offices from time to time. If you are concerned about security and reliability issues when considering these technologies, talk to our team of IT Security experts. This is a dedicated team of IT security professionals who ensure you have the required IT security platform in place to embrace innovative solutions such as these.

If you would like further information on our Mobile Print solutions or would like to speak to one of our IT Security architects please call us on 01 415 6000.


With Datapac’s Mobile Print solution your mobile workforce can print from their smartphones. They can convert mobile content into hard copy with the click of a button. As a HP Gold Managed Print partner Datapac can provide you with a solution that will enable you to print from the cloud.
If you are concerned about the printing of sensitive documents within your organisation you should consider our Secure Print solutions.
Using Datapac's Managed Print service you can use a balanced deployment option which can include MFP's, printers and scanners.