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Datapac Mobile Print SolutionsThe rate of technological advancement continues to accelerate with each passing year. Organisations must adopt IT solutions and services that offer operational flexibility that help, rather than hinder, their adaptation to this change. Recent times have demonstrated the importance of remaining flexible in the face of adversity for many organisations nationwide. Businesses across the country have and will continue to operate in ways that differ from conventional standards. It is essential to have a printing solution in place that can keep pace with this change.

Datapac’s Mobile Print Solution enhances organisational productivity in the face of rapid transformations. Where once a workforce was reliably comprised of employees in fixed office locations, new widely implemented policies and procedures see a switch to a hybrid workforce that may rely on mobile devices or BYOD appliances to complete their tasks.

Datapac provides a wireless printing solution, underpinned by industry-leading technologies, that enables anyone with an Internet-enabled device to avail of the power of cloud services to print on the go.

Here are just a few scenarios where Datapac Mobile Print Solutions can enhance productivity:

  • The Office Hopper – For on-the-go operatives, professionals and executives that never stand still. Securely connect to the nearest Datapac Managed MFP and print business-critical documents without wasting valuable time.
  • The Office Visitor – Allow visitors to the office to securely print documents wirelessly directly from their device without the hassle of commandeering a desktop terminal.
  • The Remote Worker – If you can email it, you can print it on the go. Scan documents from a Datapac Managed printer from the office and securely send them directly to a remote-working colleague’s email address. Simplify the process, maximize productivity.

Wireless printing is one of our fastest growth areas, in particular amongst organisations who have externally based employees who attend the office from time to time. If you are concerned about security and reliability issues when considering these technologies, talk to our team of IT security experts. Our dedicated team of IT security professionals will ensure you have the required IT security platform in place to embrace innovative solutions such as Datapac’s Mobile Print Solution.

If you would like further information on our Mobile Print solutions or would like to speak to one of our IT Security architects please call us on 01 415 6000.


With Datapac’s Mobile Print solution your mobile workforce can print from their smartphones. They can convert mobile content into hard copy with the click of a button. As a HP Platinum level partner Datapac can provide you with a solution that will enable you to print from the cloud.
If you are concerned about the printing of sensitive documents within your organisation you should consider our Secure Print solutions.
Using Datapac's Managed Print service you can use a balanced deployment option which can include MFP's, printers and scanners.


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