Unified Messaging

With increasing pressure on business to enhance and improve productivity while decreasing communication issues, Unified Messaging platforms are a reliable, highly secure, scalable, and full-featured solution to this problem.  It lets you access email, voice, and fax messages from a single inbox anytime, anywhere. It also integrates with your network, communication applications, and clients.

As a Cisco Premier partner, Datapac offers independent advice on the best-fit solution to suit your business needs. Through our deployment of unified messaging solutions we can help you streamline your communications and capitalise on potential cost savings.


  • A single inbox – unified messaging can deliver all types of messaging and communication to a single inbox. The single inbox is easier for administrators to maintain, and provides flexibility for users to manage and interact with all of their communications.
  • Efficient communication – users can communicate more efficiently by having access to all communications at one time and being free to share, forward, or manage them in the way that’s most convenient or effective for the given communication.
  • Cost savings – merging communications streamlines administration and consolidates the infrastructure onto fewer physical servers, saving money for your organisation.
  • Access from anywhere – unified messaging provides alternative methods of accessing communications. By merging e-mail, voice, and other communications, users can get voice messages in e-mail, have e-mail dictated over the phone, or access communications via the Web.

For further information on our Unified Messaging solutions or to speak to one of our UC solution architects please call us on 01 426 3500.


Datapac can provide you with the latest in integrated communication solutions which will reduce IT complexity within your organisation.


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