Managed Services – Listen up for an easy lifeMy father, and I’m sure many fathers, often said “son, you have two ears and only one mouth, sometimes you need to talk less and listen more.”

There’s a lot of listening to be done in the managed services conversation. There are hundreds of ICT service companies that profess to be the ‘Best Managed Service Provider in Ireland’, and benefits including improving uptime, reducing costs, and allowing you to concentrate on your business are often promised to customers.

These promises usually come hand-in-hand with dazzling stock phrases like customisable alerting, amazing automation and feedback that tells you what’s going on, at a glance, and in-depth where it counts.

Putting YOUR business in the managed services equation

As a customer, the above benefits and services are important, but it is also vital to assess what your business actually needs. Customisable alerting and process automation can be impressive and leading-edge, however not always tailored with your business in mind. They are catch-all systems by nature, and designed to loosely fit organisations across a number of industries.

Every business and customer is different, with a different set of IT requirements. There are no “one size fits all” solutions.

Datapac has a variety of customers across many fields. If we compared any two customers, we would see that their managed service priorities would often differ.

Customer-centric approach

From our years of experience, we know businesses have different and constantly evolving needs. As a first step in building a relationship with customers, it is necessary to completely understand how they use their IT, and what their specific IT challenges and requirements are before unlocking services that are truly beneficial to them.

Let’s go back to the “two ears, one mouth” analogy.

When a managed services provider begins the process of developing long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial, it can be easy to spend half the time glorifying the technology used, and it does deserve some of the glory.

It would also be easy to spend the rest of the time talking about the skilled team of experts behind the technology; the extensive range of talent, expertise, accreditations and accomplishments among our onsite and remote engineers.

However, the most important way to kick-start a new relationship is to understand the customer before technology and managed services experts, like Datapac, can begin to make life easier.

Strong managed services should result in a business evolution for customers, and in order to achieve this, ongoing communication is key. Keeping channels of communication open in order to adapt to a customers’ evolving needs is vital.

Making life easier for our managed services customers

We’re IT nerds and we love to get to know all aspects of our customers’ IT infrastructure, even if it doesn’t immediately relate the reasons why the relationship began in the first place. We are conscious that other vendors, their products and services may be vital to our customers’ business so it’s important to understand what those vendors do for our customers.

Whether it’s a bespoke line of business software, a cloud service or specialised hardware, our team and our technology can enhance the client-vendor experience. We create an easy partnership and where appropriate can completely manage the relationship with the vendor, getting rid of time-consuming back and forth communications that often come with multiple support services in place.

It could also mean using our knowledge and experience to put simple, valuable monitors, automation and reporting systems in place that enhance the vendor’s existing services and add further value to our customer’s business.

Make it easy for your business to do business

If your business needs to tune out the chatter, listen to one managed services expert. Give us a call or drop us an email.

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