Datapac is delighted to invite you to Citrix 3D Mobility Workshop taking place on 26th March, 09:00 – 11:00am in Dublin 12.

Citrix 3D Mobility Workshop

At this demonstration oriented workshop you will:

  • See intensive 3D CAD and Professional Graphics applications delivered with native performance via XenDesktop and XenApp to thin clients, tablets and low end laptops (even over 3G).
  • Discover how you can deliver secure remote access to large files and designs, providing global collaboration, data sharing and version control.
  • Share product and design data with partners and suppliers while eliminating the risk of Intellectual Property Theft.
  • Save time and money with a collaborative, secure workflow across multiple locations working on large design files.
  • Review, edit or create design documents and sophisticated 3D models right on the shop floor, from remote offices, across global design locations or at a customer location.
  • Learn how Citrix in conjunction with NVidia has developed a complete virtualisation solution for 3D and Professional Graphics applications which is accessible over any network and from any device including tablets, Mac’s and Windows laptops.
  • See how Citrix and NVidia are meeting the needs of customers wherever, whenever and with whomever their professionals work whilst maintaining security and control over intellectual property.
  • Explore how Citrix and NVidia can solve your problems in delivering graphically intensive CAD, Medical, Manufacturing and GIS applications.

Bring Your Own Design Files!
Bring your own files and applications, if necessary, and see the real benefits for your organisation.

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