Datapac technology accelerates growth for Kefron in deal worth €370k

Datapac, Ireland’s leading technology solutions and services provider, is today announcing that it has delivered a reimagined server and data storage solution to Kefron in a deal worth €370,000 over three years.

Kefron is a leader in document and information management, and has now developed its own invoice processing software, Kefron AP, which leverages machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide e-invoicing, invoice automation, and analytics to customers. The software has grown exponentially and now serves the needs of organisations of all sizes across a multinational customer base.

As Kefron experienced rapid growth both in terms of its customer base and the innovative services offered, the company needed to upgrade its IT infrastructure to keep pace with this expansion. Following an extensive consultative process, Datapac upgraded Kefron’s existing storage ecosystem to a HPE Nimble Storage Area Network (SAN).

The elevated and highly secure platform is resulting in significant time savings for Kefron AP’s users with faster scanning and invoice processing times. Upgraded VMware virtual servers are vastly increasing server uptime, meaning no interruption to vital services for customers across different regions and time zones. Kefron’s security posture is improved through enhanced encryption of all data, while Sophos firewall protection adds an extra layer of network security.

Kefron has ambitious growth plans and is aiming to double the number of customers using its invoicing software, underpinned by Datapac’s technology. The HPE Nimble storage system offers industry-leading scalability due to its unique data compression and de-duplication capabilities.

In turn, the solution has increased productivity for Kefron’s 180 employees across the business. Day-to-day tasks have become quicker and more efficient with lightning-quick access to critical business applications.

The technology has significantly reduced costs for Kefron, minimising the need to maintain or upgrade aging hardware. In addition to the best-in-class technology suite, the ongoing infrastructure management and support provided by Datapac continues to create capacity for internal IT teams to focus on more strategic, less routine activities which add a greater value to business objectives, with backups and other maintenance work conducted out-of-hours to ensure no disruption to daily operations.

Jonathan Purvis, IT Manager, Kefron: “As our software solution has grown, so too has the amount of data that needs to be stored and secured. Datapac has been a long-time trusted advisor to Kefron, and the team worked closely with us to provide strategic road mapping and deliver this infrastructure upgrade with little to no downtime or interruptions to our business. We can continue to grow Kefron AP at pace with the peace of mind that our IT infrastructure is fully scalable and enabling us to provide the highest levels of customer service. The Datapac solution has futureproofed our operations, maximising performance and ensuring the highest levels of security across the board.”

Pamela Keane, Service Delivery Manager, Datapac: “As long-term IT partner, Datapac are proud to play a continued role in Kefron’s ambitious evolution into the digital age. The innovative HPE Nimble platform, designed and delivered by Datapac, is helping Kefron to enhance the invoice processing services it provides to customers and is enabling the company to grow its user base. As Kefron’s customers extend across varying time zones, it’s essential that the platform underpinning their cloud service offering ensures the very best uptime possible.

“This technology harnesses the power of data and empowers Kefron with flexibility and scalability into the future. The solution provides the company with the platform and the confidence to keep innovating. We look forward to continuing to work with Kefron, building on our long and valued partnership.”


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