“We wanted a potential partner and long term partner that they would provide us with an appropriate solution. Datapac did this. What set Datapac apart from the other vendors, was their people and we chose Datapac for their people” states Michael Duggan, CIO at Trócaire.

Datapac proposed we implement an EMC VNXe SAN to be our core storage infrastructure in the DataCentre. What EMC has given us is a reliable storage solution for our core applications and core data”, continues Tommy Dillon, IT Operations Coordinator at Trócaire continues “Datapac has taken the time to understand the organisation. That understanding and that friendly approach has been a real benefit to us.

“We wanted a simple validated solution and the reason we went with EMC was it delivered a single simple solution that was pre-validated pre- tested and just worked. As every organisation knows data is growing at an expediential rate and EMC’s solution provides that flexibility and also the assurance that we can recover it quickly and effectively”, continues Michael.

“We are 100% dependant on this shared storage solution so we have to be sure that this is a reliable solution which it has proven to be. Since the kit has been in and it has been operational now for a year we haven’t had any downtime”, concludes Tommy.

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  • Datapac provides IT services to Glanbia
  • Datapac provides ICT infrastrure to Holfeld Plastics