Getting hit with a Ransomware attack which has the potential to infect devices across the entire network and compromise organisation-wide operations is an ICT professional’s worst nightmare become reality. There are a number of steps which should be followed to help mitigate the damage and disruption when you’ve been hit with Ransomware.


Isolate – It is vital that steps are taken early on to prevent the infection spreading from infected devices to other devices across the entire network. To that end, all devices should be disconnected from the network.

Plan – You should engage with your ICT/ Security provider to formulate a plan on how best to respond to the attack.

Quantify – You should determine the scale of the attack by scanning all devices for Indicators of Compromise and identifying the strain of the attack.

Recovery – You must assess what recovery options are available to you. This can involve anything from full Disaster Recovery to paying the Ransom. The option you choose to engage with depends upon a myriad of factors, including how quickly the attack was thwarted and the integrity of your backups.

The growth devastating high-level human led attacks means that the need for human led threat hunting is more urgent than ever. Having solutions in place from our industry leading cybersecurity partner can be vital to help organisations prepare for the eventuality of a ransomware strike.  The capacity to leverage powerful cybersecurity tools, such as Sophos allows for the seamless collation of a breadth of data from endpoints and servers, making it easier than ever to identify indicators of compromise. This helps your IT department to drastically cut down on the laborious process of performing a manual forensic scan of devices on the network.

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