With more and more Irish businesses falling victim to attacks, ransomware has jumped to the top of the news agenda. First Cryptolocker took businesses by surprise, and just when the worst seemed to be over, Cryptowall reared its head. With such attacks becoming increasingly common, and businesses finding their data increasingly under threat, the question has to be asked: Has information security reached a dead end?

In this recorded webinar, Datapac and Sophos go beyond the hype and headlines to take a deeper look at ransomware attacks. We investigate how ransomware works, and analyse the tricks used by cyber criminals to make it so powerful. Finally, we provide invaluable advice about how to coordinate your security defences, and keep your organisation safe from malicious hackers.

Security experts from Datapac and Sophos discuss the following:

    • Developments in the ransomware threat landscape.
    • The typical stages of a CryptoWall attack.
    • Ransomware protection, prevention and mitigation strategies.

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