Datapac improves Citizen Services for Wexford County Council

Improved collaboration, flexibility, productivity and cost savings already achieved. Fully integrated communications to be delivered, including landline, mobile, email, video conferencing, instant messaging and social media. Datapac has delivered a €350,000 unified communications (UC) solution for Wexford County Council. The new solution is enabling greater collaboration between council departments and improved services for the 145,237 citizens of Wexford County.

The next-generation communications system provides a unique and lasting opportunity for Wexford County Council to build a connected community that places the citizen at the centre, effectively delivering services when and how Wexford residents and businesses need them.

Datapac implemented a Cisco unified communications (UC) solution for the council which has been deployed for the 300 council employees at the new Wexford County Hall in Carricklawn. It has also been rolled out to the Enniscorthy, Gorey and New Ross council offices, creating a truly converged ICT environment across the council. All sites have been seamlessly linked so calls can be routed better between the offices, improving interaction and helping to resolve any queries in a shorter time.

The UC solution smoothly integrates landline and mobile calls, with email and video conferencing. There are also plans to enhance frontline services further with the introduction of presence technologies, instant messaging and social media applications. This will all help Wexford County Council to deliver more integrated e-government services to staff and citizens.

The new system is also allowing the council to provide more flexible services as staff can make and receive calls from any location in the county as if they were sitting at their own desk, making them more accessible to citizens and colleagues. They are contactable through the one central number, whether using their mobile or working from other offices, improving responsiveness and productivity.

The council has identified substantial cost savings since implementing the new Datapac solution. The cost of calls has been reduced considerably as they are now routed across the council’s IP network. The council’s IT department has a central view and management of the entire system, helping to further reduce costs. It is estimated that the entire system has saved the council significantly on its previous communications bills, with cost savings being re-directed back into core public services.

Peter O’Connor, IS Project Leader, Wexford County Council said, “The aim of this project was to create a more streamlined and flexible service for both the community and council staff in Wexford. Datapac has provided us with a future-proofed and integrated solution that allows us to improve communications across the council, and also make staff and services more accessible to local people and businesses.

“Datapac’s in-depth experience of working with public authorities throughout Ireland, coupled with their local support and expertise provides us with the utmost confidence in our new communications system.”

Suzanne Brady, Business Development Manager, Datapac, said, “Datapac works with many local authorities across the country, yet we have been particularly impressed by Wexford County Council’s proactive approach. By implementing unified communications technologies, it is improving collaboration and frontline services for Wexford citizens and businesses.

“At all stages of this project, Datapac has found the Council to be very enthusiastic, co-operative, and progressive. We have really enjoyed working with the Council on this initiative and also seeing the positive impact it is having for the local community and council staff.”

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