The CFO's Guide: Making the Financial case for on-premise cloud


The CFO’s Guide: Making the Financial Case for On-Premise Cloud

The present, and future, for the world of business is digital. CFOs and financial executives must closely examine their organisation’s tech investments to ensure that they positively contribute to desired business outcomes: improved efficiency, sustainability, enhanced competitive advantage.

Flexible financing options for tech investments helps to deliver measurable results against stated business goals. Subscription and usage-based cloud resources have changed the financial paradigm for tech acquisition. However, a significant amount of IT infrastructure remains on-premise and due to a multitude of factors, including the inherent complexities of legacy systems or data sovereignty and security concerns, it can make public cloud models unsuitable for many use cases.

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The on-premise cloud service model combines the predictable pay-per-use benefits of the public cloud with the security and performance of your own environment. Read more about the benefits offered by this as-a-service model, including:

  • Accelerated revenue channels
  • New levels of fiscal flexibility
  • Enhanced resource optimisation
  • Improved environmental sustainability