With Windows Server 2003 having now reaching its end of life, many organisations still face the significant challenge of successfully managing their migration plan.

By choosing Datapac you combine the latest technology advancements from the global technology organisations with the local experience of the market leader in the provision of ICT solutions in Ireland.

Datapac, as your preferred partner, will closely work with you to assess your business and ICT requirements, and deliver the best solution to suit your organisation’s existing and future needs.

With the highest level of accreditation from our partners and a best-in-class managed services team, Datapac is perfectly positioned to guide your organisation through its transition to a new operating system environment.


Why you need to upgrade

Even if your Windows Server 2003 is stable at the moment, can you afford the risk of running your applications in an environment that won’t be supported any longer? As of July 2015 you can expect:

  • No security patches
  • No reliability fixes
  • Errors with security and stability of your applications

Your upgrade options

Datapac offers a range of trusted and scalable solutions that will ensure your environment is delivering optimum performance for your business needs. With a proven track record in the delivery of fully customisable ICT offerings, when working with Datapac you have ultimate peace of mind.

  • Private cloud – Create a private cloud and virtualise your IT infrastructure and be able to manage applications easier and quicker than ever before. Harness the scalability of the cloud and achieve cost savings while maintaining high security standards and full control of your IT environment.
  • Hybrid cloud – A hybrid cloud gives organisations the best of both worlds. Experience the advantage of the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud while leveraging existing datacentre resources. The more latency sensitive applications within your organisation can remain local while services and applications that suit the public cloud can be migrated, reducing the local application footprint.
  • Public cloud – The public cloud allows you to deliver an IT service to your business offsite that is seamless and efficient. Leverage public cloud options provided by Datapac to deliver applications, security, and other services without large scale capital investment and free up our internal resources to focus on mission critical tasks.

Service models

Datapac experts will also help you to define the optimum service models to meet your business requirements:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – simplify access to all business-critical applications without the need for complex software and hardware management. Datapac will work with you to ensure a seamless deployment of your cloud solution allowing the best fit between the technology and your business needs.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – accelerate your business with a scalable, cloud computing platform which enables your development team to quickly and easily create web applications without the complexity of buying and maintaining the underlying software and infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – minimise infrastructure costs while allowing maximum scalability of your software environment, without the need to maintain any equipment. Datapac will help you to get the most out of an open IaaS solution allowing you to deploy and scale virtual and dedicated bare-metal infrastructure, develop applications and run your production-ready workloads.


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