Datto – Business Continuity Solution

Data Recovery and Continuity from Datapac and Datto

Datto systems provide for image based backup and recovery of physical or virtual servers to a local appliance which in turn is mirrored into the cloud, providing a high level of redundancy to the backup. Instant virtualisation of backups, screenshot backup verification and granular level recovery makes it possible to restore entire document folders, mailboxes or whole servers. Incremental backups can occur to the local appliance as frequently as every five minutes and are continuously sent to the cloud to ensure the backup remains up to date.

Features & Benefits

  • Instant Virtualisation – Datto turns the image based backups into virtual machines so that they can be powered up directly on the local appliance or off site in Datto’s secure off site servers. If disaster strikes the backup can be powered on to allow for work to carry on as normal while the problems are resolved. The backups can be used as a sandbox to test patches, updates or troubleshooting, once when you are finished revert to being usable backups again.
  • Choice – Datto have a wide selection of devices with three core ranges. The SIRIS, SIRIS Lite and ALTO devices all come with different drive and form factor configurations to match the right solution to your need. If your storage or feature requirements increase, Datto will offer a risk-free upgrade program that will allow your solution scale or grow at the speed of your business. All devices come with a 3 year comprehensive warranty.
  • Management – Datto’s management console can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Recovery – Datto allows for recovery of a full server either to a VMWare or Hyper-V Hypervisor or via a bare metal restore to a physical server. It can restore individual files, folders or even email.

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Datapac can assist you with your backup setup. We will work out your Recovery Point and Recovery Time objectives. These are at the heart of any disaster recovery plan.
UTM appliances allow you to unify the most current security requirements into one central appliance with a single console making the management of security easier for IT.