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Datapac provides cutting edge Cloud Managed Network solutions.  These solutions provide the capability to centrally manage and report upon your network (switches, firewalls and mobile devices).  This is an ideal solution for a wide range of organisation who want to reduce the costs associated with administering network devices.  We partner with Cisco to deliver the Meraki solution which provides unique and innovative capabilities.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a cloud managing enterprise networking solution.  It is a complete family of products from wireless access points, ethernet switches, security appliances and mobile device management – all of which are centrally managed via one dashboard and one web address through the Meraki award winning cloud management platform.


  • BYOD – the first and only solution that provides device based security policies, built-in Network Access Control (NAC) and built-in Mobile Device Management. Cisco Meraki includes everything you need for a secure, reliable, headache-free BYOD network — 100% integrated, without added cost or complexity.
  • Mobile device management – Cisco Meraki provides unified management of mobile devices, Macs, PCs, and the entire network from a centralised dashboard. Enforce device security policies, deploy software and apps and perform remote, live troubleshooting on thousands of managed devices.
  • Branch networking – built from the ground up for multi-site networks, Cisco Meraki products have revolutionised distributed branch networking. Zero-touch deployments, multi-site visibility and control, and automated alerts make deploying, securing, and centrally managing branch networks a breeze.
  • High density Wi-Fi – Cisco Meraki wireless networks automatically optimise and deliver superior performance in the highest density wireless environments and under intense interference conditions — without the bottlenecks of hardware controllers
  • Presence analytics – Presence displays real-time location statistics to improve customer engagement and loyalty across sites, and is built-in to Cisco Meraki Access Points (AP) with no additional cost or complexity. Data collected by APs is synced with the Cisco Meraki cloud and automatically reported in the dashboard, revealing visitor traffic trends and new vs. repeat visitor loyalty.
  • Next-generation retail – Cisco Meraki’s integrated solution enables enhanced guest experiences while delivering the rich intelligence required in driving business decisions and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Network/campus edge – Cisco Meraki delivers the most robust cloud managed network, enabling massively-scaled deployments with tens of thousands of switches or APs. Support hundreds of thousands of end users in a single network without lengthy provisioning, training, or performance bottlenecks.


  • Centrally managed from the Cloud – Cisco Meraki provides powerful and intuitive centralised management without the cost and complexity of traditional wireless controller hardware.
  • Zero-touch AP provisioning – reduce user training with easy management and configuration capabilities
  • Built-in enterprise security and guest access – Cisco Meraki provides out of the box security that meets the needs for the Fortune 500, yet is easily configured by an IT generalist. Built-in guest access provides Internet access while protecting your LAN from viruses, malicious actors, and unauthorised access. Active Directory integration, network segregation, and firewall rules can be configured in minutes.
  • Block mobile and web-based apps, accelerate VoIP and enhance security – Cisco Meraki is designed for modern, mixed use networks that support mobile devices and web-based applications. Cisco Meraki provides a suite of features that offers complete visibility and control of the devices, users, and applications on your network.
  • Control clients with mobile device management and a client aware firewall – pushes policies and applications to the devices on your network, enforcing security best practices, installing updates, and troubleshooting client issues.

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First of all you need to get your storage environment assessed to determine the key areas that need to be improved upon. Datapac can help you with this.
Datapac can help you consolidate your file and block workloads. Our storage solutions are designed to consolidate workloads into a single storage system for ease of management and improved performance.
With Cisco Meraki you can do just that. All the hardware is self-configuring and completely managed over the web without requiring any additional hardware or software installed on-site.
Server virtualisation is the best solution to consider when you have ageing server hardware. Server virtualisation will eliminate server sprawl and improve server availability,


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