Mobile Security

Datapac’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution facilitates organisations in delivering on the need for the strictest privacy, compliance and risk management mandates while simultaneously allowing the user to receive a high quality user experience. Datapac will help you secure, monitor and control mobile devices with over-the-air control.  Using a self-service portal simplifies MDM and addresses Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concerns.

Features include:

  • Device and Data Security: availability of features in the event a device is lost or stolen to protect the device and the data. This includes lost state functionality (lock, alert, wipe, restore and track), SIM tampering, root tampering and jail break alerting.
  • Administration Functions: this facilitates the undertaking of common administrative tasks remotely such as password resets, e-mail configuration and wi-fi configuration
  • Device Management: this provides monitoring, alerting and reporting functionality to support the management of mobile devices. This includes reports such as device summary, site inventory and policy configuration reports. It can monitor, alert and report on specific device activity such as availability and roaming
  • Application Restriction/Disablement: this provides the ability to restrict or disable application usage as required. For example the ability to disable camera availability in secure environments
  • Security Policy Management: this provides the facility to ensure that the IT security policies of the organisation are not compromised by the use of a mobile devices. This allows company security policies to be pushed out to mobile devices and managed in the same way as networked devices.

Datapac offers a range of MDM solutions including Sophos mobile security, Cisco Meraki, Citrix XenMobile and our own Managed Services MDM offering. We assess your requirements and develop the best solution to suit your business.

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Datapac can assist you with your backup setup. We will work out your Recovery Point and Recovery Time objectives. These are at the heart of any disaster recovery plan.
UTM appliances allow you to unify the most current security requirements into one central appliance with a single console making the management of security easier for IT.